The physical act of doing street photography is far too easy. Armed with a small camera and a pair of walking shoes, anyone can head down the street snapping pictures of strangers. No special equipment, research, or complex planning is required. But in order for an image to be remembered, to hold a viewer’s attention for more than just a passing glance, it must present an insightful observation. It must hold interest not only visually, but also by way of its content. It must look good and it must say something. In short, it must provide a compelling story.

I believe in the use of photography to tell candid stories that document the human condition in order to bring people together with understanding and acceptance.

These are the principles that guide my photography:

  • Create compelling stories: Say something, ask questions.
  • Life happens in COLOR: Color carries emotional content.
  • Create visual poems: Composition matters.
  • Composition is additive: Use a lot of adjectives.
  • Connect the dots: Capture the scene as the subject.
  • Create short stories: Tell a story through time.
  • Travel: Spread a worldview of understanding and acceptance.
  • Take chances: An image is more than the sum of its pixels.
  • Follow the National Press Photographer Association’s Code of


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Nancy Lehrer, is an independent photographer based in Thousand Oaks, California who uses photography to capture her unique world-view. In her recent book Life Happens in Color - A Street Photography Manifesto, Nancy declares her commitment to the use of color, and to telling compelling visual stories. Her earliest photojournalist recognition came at a summer camp at the young age of 10 where, armed with her father’s Kodak Brownie camera, she earned the position of camp-photographer documenting the summer’s activities.


Although Nancy holds Masters degrees in Music Performance and Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, she has always held on to her passion for photography. She has studied photography from several American photography masters including Jay Maisel, Sam Abell, Gerd Ludwig, and Arthur Meyerson. She has exhibited and received local and national awards and lectures on photography throughout California.


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Awards and Exhibits

January 2018: The Meeting and Moving Day. PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury Vermont – The Decisive Moment. Juror Sam Abell

January 2018: Little Man, L.A. Curator “Street Shooting”. Honorable Mention, Juror Julia Dean. Online exhibit

November 2017: City of Angels (solo exhibit 17 prints). Four Friends Gallery, Thousand Oaks California.

June 2017: Cuban Farm Roosters, Ojai Arts Center Photo Exhibit, 2nd Place. Exhibit includes works featuring the theme “The Animal Kingdom”. Jurors Jeffrey Crussel, Dr. Linda Bogart.                                    

February 2017: For Hire, PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury Vermont – The Color of Light. Honorable Mention. Juror Arthur Meyerson

February 2017: Photos from Japan. Four Friends Gallery, Thousand Oaks California.

January 2017: Neighbor Envy, PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury Vermont – Composed. Juror Sam Abell

August 2015: Featured Photographer Los Angeles Center of Photography

July 2015: Los Angeles Center for Photography, Annual Members Exhibit at DNJ Gallery in Bergamot Station. Santa Monica CA

June 2015: Ojai Arts Center Photo Exhibit – Honorable Mention. Exhibit included works featuring the theme “Peace”. Ojai CA

February 2015:  Los Angeles Center for Photography, First Annual Street Shooting Exhibit. Hollywood CA. Juror Sam Abell

July 2014: Havana Morning, Ojai Arts Center Photo Exhibit, 1st Place. Exhibit included works featuring the theme “Long Lasting”. Ojai CA. Juror Serge Aragonés



Life Happens in COLOR – A Street Photography Manifesto. By Nancy Lehrer. Declaring Nancy’s commitment to the use of color to tell compelling visual stories. Blurb 2018

The Downtown L.A. Photography Challenge with John Free: A weekend documenting downtown Los Angeles. 2017

Life at the Gardens: Documenting my parents transition from their home of over 50 years to an assisted living senior apartment. 2015

Ireland Impressions: Ireland as most often experienced… through a rain soaked window. Blurb 2015.

2-MegaPixels or Less is a book devoted to the exploration of cell phone photography before the iPhone. It is a collection of work consisting exclusively of images taken with a 2MP cell phone. Blurb 2008

Los Angeles, Yesterday Today is a photo documentary work of today’s culture against the backdrop of what is left of Los Angeles early 20th century architecture in downtown Los Angles, Hollywood, and Santa Monica. Blurb 2008

Blurb Bookstore:


Interviews and Podcasts:


This Week in Photo with Frederick Van Johnson (TBD) – May 2018

Nancy and Frederick talk about street photography – what, how, and why.


Martin Baily Photography Podcast #616 – April 2018

Nancy talks about what motivates her as a street photographer and talks about specific images in her book Lofe Happens in Color – A Street Photography Manifesto.


The Candid Frame Episode #413 March 26, 2018 with Ibarionex Perello.        

Nancy talks about her process and her book Life Happens in Color – A Street Photography Manifesto.


The Candid Frame with Ibarionex Perello - Episode #262; January 5, 2015

A general conversation about photography between Nancy and Ibarionex.